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German designed Roller Shutters

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Very Clever Roller Shutters

So Quiet – So Smooth

Let us show you the benefits of a Shutterguard Roller Shutter

  • High-quality, triple-layer powder coating with clear U.V. protection for lasting colour brilliance without the need for recoating

  • CFC-free liquid injected high density foam for quiet, resonance-free and torsion-proof operation

  • Grooves on the inside profiles for increased stability : Smooth on the outside for a great modern look

  • Precision engineered High-quality products accurate to the millimetre for trouble-free operation

  • Smaller profile pelmet box

  • European motors that are power matched to individual Roller Shutter size

  • All European components

At the Shutterguard Interactive Showroom we’ll also demonstrate  our clever “interlocking system” for absolute privacy and comfort.

Set your roller shutters to the fully closed position to fully insulate your windows and completely block the view.

Or choose to allow a little airflow and view between the “slats” whilst in the closed position.


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Compare the Benefits


Safe and Sound


A physical barrier and a visual deterent.
Manufactured with High Grade, High Strength Virgin Marine grade Aluminium.
Maximum protection from would be intruders.

Sleep Better

Block Light and Noise

Block Light and Noise

Finally, you can enjoy the peace and quiet you deserve. Block out unwanted Light and Noise with ease. All with the touch of a button.


Insulation Barrier

Save on Heating & Cooling

Excellent insulation properties. Keep cooler in Summer, warmer in Winter and reduce costs.


No Hard Sell

Deal Direct

You deal direct with the owner. No hard sell or hassle. Just geniune solutions and a great price.


Refined, precision components.

German Precision

Custom manufactured in our factory with Alulux components from Germany. More refined, more precise, stronger and reliable.

Peace of Mind

Factory Backed


Buy with confidence from one of Perth’s oldest family owned Roller Shutter companies. Our after sales care is second to none and fully backed by our specialised factory.

Clever design at a very clever price!

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